How to stay at the Overlook Hotel from The Shining in real life! (Kind of)

Turns out that while The Shining wasn’t shot at The Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite, Kubrick copied the interior of it almost exactly. Check out this article for clarification.

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I went last week, and it was pretty great. There are even other spooky elements that look exactly LIKE they would be in The Shining, but aren’t, such as these black doors here.

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The rooms at The Ahwahnee are pricey, and my understanding is that the lobby interiors and other public rooms are the coolest parts, so I stayed at a cheap but great Air BnB nearby and just visited The Ahwahnee.

They were totally cool with randos like me just coming in and taking photos. I even moved the antique spooky chairs around to use them as tripods and such and nobody on staff gave me a second look.

Ask me if you want the Air BnB link to where I stayed or any other info.

Also I thought it’d be cool to highlight people I like who you may not have heard about in these emails. Check out Pear Juice Productions. They also make really cool films and visual art.

Check out @pearjuiceproductions on Instagram

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