I, Ryan, live in Los Angeles and have taken photos of Tuesday Bassen, Penelope Gazin, Crap Eyewear, musical artists Bleached, Shannon and the Clams, Tomorrows Tulips, Tele Novella, The Blank Tapes, Pearl Charles, illustrator Amber “Thunderpuss” McCall, fashion gal Marisol Muro, and style icon Tziporah Salamon. I also occasionally ran a curated nighttime flea market and art show called Dreamland and record songs which have been featured on KXLU, WFMU, and KCRW. All proceeds from my current work go to fund my first feature film “The Bright Side of Life.”

Here are some tremendously nice things that people have said about me.

“Each shot has a character and a warmth which isn’t readily achieved.” —Danny H.

“There is a tension and connection when all viewed in succession. Quite an intriguing collection.” —Michael D.

“I always am in love with any photo you take. They’re all so unique and nostalgic and warm.” —Kylie W.

“I love your work and continue to find aspects of your work that surprise, inspire, & delight.” —Phipps M.

“Always been a fan of your dreamy world.” —Kayla H.

“I adore everything you make.” —Kelsey S.

“Cindy Sherman level.” —Cory S.

“Thanks for being an awesome photographer and person.” —Veronica B.

“I love the way you photograph women.” —Kendahl C.

“You have a magical jewel of a brain! And a colorful interior world and world within pictures.” —Caitlin S.

“Got a warm cinematic palette that I haven’t seen with much else.” —James S.​

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