NFT Art–Good or Evil?

Do you know what NFT art is? I just heard about it from my friend Roger last week.

People are saying NFTs could change the art and music industries forever.

It’s basically like the stock market for artists. Like bitcoin assigned to digital art that doesn’t have to have any physical representation.

So just in the way that you could take a picture of the Mona Lisa and it would be worthless, yet the real Mona Lisa is priceless, it’s the same thing with digital art now, even though they’re just corny 10mb jpeg files.

One of the main reasons they’re great for artists though is that when you make an NFT (non-fungible token), you set a percentage of the price which you, the creator, will always receive forever in the future. So, unlike a real Picasso, each time your NFT is traded and sold, you get say 10% of the sale price.

And NFTs can be visual art, video clips, or original music. And all these things are already happening. Pretty crazy.

Here’s a video about it, if you’re interested.  

I also followed along with this video, which gives you the nuts and bolts of how to go about actually getting set up to be able to make your own, but I am not advising you to do ANYTHING. I’m just hearing about all this for the first time myself. I just find it interesting.  

I should also say that I JUST found out from a fellow photographer named Sam that apparently NFTs are terrible for the real physical world environment, because, for now, they take an abnormally high amount of real-life terawatt-hours of electricity to “mint.” So keep all that in mind.

And none of this changes the fact that people have to already know you in order to buy anything from you, so that should still be our focus.

I like that it’s hard to even wrap your head around, though, like a new genre in film or music.

Unrelated, I know what it’s like to struggle or feel undervalued as an artist, so I thought it’d be cool to highlight people I like who you may not have heard about in these emails.

Check out the insanely great rugs my friend Taylor makes.

She’s @taylorboylston on IG or https://www.troutfarmtroutfarm.com/shop

What did the actor get when he fell off the stage? A casting call.

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